Fort Lauderdale Real Estate | Complete Guide for Fort Lauderdale Property Search 

November 12, 2018

Welcome to the #1 real estate guide for buying and selling a property in Fort Lauderdale, FL. There are tons of website you can visit to get you in the search for a property in your local market. Going site to site is very time consuming, and most importantly searches those sites for all the right items can be an even more daunting task.

In this guide, we have put all the top real estate website in one location with step by step instruction for finding exactly what you’re looking for…

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Zillow Fort Lauderdale

On upon arriving at the Zillow site you will be able to search for any property targeted by the location of your choice. You can see there are over 2900 properties for sale in Fort Lauderdale which you can start your search by going here.


For those who are looking to sell a piece of property, Zillow has a great real estate agent search tool for the Fort Lauderdale market. This is a pretty cool piece of software that will allow you to find the best help in buying and selling a property.

Search for a Realtor in Fort Lauderdale


One of the reasons I love Zillow is for its real estate search app. We all have smartphones these days, so downloading another app is not going to hurt.

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Realtor Fort Lauderdale

One of the other best real estate websites for the Fort Lauderdale website is These guys have been around for a long time, so searching for properties on their site will feed back quality listings. One simple search of the site will put in in front of potential thousands sellers and buyers.

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Search for Realtors

Just like any great real estate website you should have the ability to search for local agents. With over 5k realtors on site, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who can help you buy or sell a property in FT Lauderdale.

The great things about it are that you can search for an agent and get complete details from..

  • Sold Properties
  • Houses for Sale
  • Website
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Phone Number 

Search Agents


There is so much information out there for buyers who need help buying a property. You can Google just about anything thing, but the truth of the matter that information is somewhat scattered all around the internet.

Until Now… have a great first-time homer buyer resource page that just will answer each and every question you have on buying a property even in the Fort Lauderdale area. They have content, guides, and videos that will walk you through the entire process.

Please take a moment and read over this guide, and see if there anything of value to help you make the best decision.


Trulia Fort Lauderdale

Trulia is by far the easiest website to use when searching for properties in Fort Lauderdale. They do an excellent job at the top of the page to show you the exact places you need to click on to find properties.

You will see something such as….Buy and Rent

The photo above shows a number of properties for sale, and what makes Trulia, so awesome is the full description they give for each property. What I say time is valuable and being able to search for properties, and have all the information available at your finger tips is priceless.

Check Out Trulia Building a More Neighborly World

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For Rent Properties on Trulia


It’s very easy to find properties for rent on Trulia by sorting them from price range, beds and more…by using their great search tool you can be viewing the properties of your choice in minutes.

Search for Rental Properties on Trulia 


Redfin Fort Lauderdale

Redfin is another great national website that allows you to search for any property in any location. Just like the others above it’s an easy website to use, and very informational for buyers and sellers.

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What I like the most about Redfin is their awesome realtor search platform. Yes, the other above do have the ability to search for realtors, but the Redfin website takes it to all new level.

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How Much House Can I Afford?

How much can you afford for a piece of property? I left this for last because you must know your numbers if you plan on purchasing any sort of property. If you know your numbers then finding the best property for your budget will just come down to putting in a few numbers, and allow the system to do the magic.

So how much can you afford? Search Now