The Brokerage

Mission Statement

Our ultimate purpose is to be of service to all associates while exceeding each client’s real estate expectations by providing expert guidance and supplying accurate data in a timely manner thus eliminating the guesswork out of the process of purchasing or selling real property. New Level Group doesn’t just do things right, but our focus is on doing the right things, always.


Broker Profile

I always had a keen interest in real estate for as long as I can remember. About 15 years ago, I begun my exploration of the industry and swiftly acquired the necessary training as a sale associate. Joining the sale force as newly licensed agent depicted a bright future in the industry. Within a short period of time, it was apparent that I had made the right decision and real estate was the ideal pathway to fulfill my passion of assisting others achieving the American dream.

This new and exciting journey was the catalyst that catapulted me into a New Level and the acquisition of real estate broker status. The ownership of a real estate Brokerage Firm has allowed me to attract like-minded top producers to serve a growing clientele.

The organizational structure of the Brokerage aligned perfectly with my vision. As an experienced Broker, I am well positioned to support all our Associates in exceeding clients’ expectations. As a professional real estate investor, on the other hand, I promote wealth building behaviors and principles by sharing investment opportunities primarily with our team members. Our agents benefit greatly through all in-house private offers. I am delighted to have integrated our agents’ growth potential and wealth creation into the organization culture.

At New Level Group we don’t just do things right but our focus in on doing the right things for our agents as well as our clients.


Shelley Lozier  

Principal Broker